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What is Skin Camouflage Bristol?

We are a professional, personal and friendly skin treatment service for people in and around the Bristol area.

We can help to cover a range of skin conditions or blemishes.

Our products offer excellent coverage and can last on the body for several days, are water resistant, smudge-proof and also offer some sun blocking protection.

Tonia Goman

How can camouflage help?

Skin camouflage is a cosmetic technique that provides a way to hide skin conditions. Specially formulated creams and powders can cover up conditions such as acne, vitiligo, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and thread veins, or hide blemishes like scars, birthmarks and unwanted tatoos.

Using skin camouflage can increase self confidence and self esteem. Products can be used daily or for those important occasions such as job interviews, celebrations, weddings or other photographic opportunities.

Tonia Goman

Who can be treated?

Skin camouflage can be used by anyone who wishes to cover up skin conditions or blemishes.

The treatments we offer involve specialist products which can be used on men, women and children.

Children, under the age of 12 do need referrals from a medical professional, either GP or dermatologist.

Tonia Goman

What products are used?

Camouflage creams are high in pigment, meaning they have a lot of colour in them, more so than beauty-based foundations and concealers, which results in a more even, uniform skin tone.

The products used are available on NHS prescription, on-line or bought through pharmacies.

When the colours have been decided, you will be given the information regarding the products required so you can obtain them.

Tonia Goman

Can I arrange appointment?

To arrange an appointment Please call or text Tonia on 07817 297286.

Appointments are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays at:

The Wells Road Osteopathic Practice
253 Wells Road

Skin Camouflage

NHS Choices Channel explains how skin camouflage is used to cover marks and scars. Dina, who has hyperpigmentation, describes how it improved her confidence.

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Skin Camouflage Service

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Suffering with acne is no fun, regardless of your age. Acne doesn't only choose the face to present itself, but to neck, back, shoulders and chest. These areas are often so visual and creates psychological issues too. Acne scarring can be a minor frustration or equally as traumatising as the actual acne. The use of high neck tops, jewellry, long hair can mask acne to neck down, but little is socially acceptable to mask the damaging results of acne.
However, the use of skin camouflage can often create a more even skin tone, but the use of Dermaflage can fill the resulting crevices providing a smooth, even skin appearance. These come in a range of skin tones.
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