Skin Camouflage services

We offer a range of treatments using specially formulated and professionally applied creams and powders to cover the following blemishes and skin conditions:

Plaque Psoriasis
Telangiectasia (thread veins)
Solar Lentigo (age spots)
Neurofibramotosis (Café au lait lesions)
Striae (stretch marks)
Port Wine Stains
Xanthelasma (white / yellow spots around the eyes)

Dermaflage / Dermal Fillers services

Dermaflage is a process that fills recessed scars such as chicken pox, acne scars or scars that are dipped.

Originally invented in Hollywood for special effects, this process uses a silicone filler that simulates real skin. The recessed scar can be masked well, is water resistant, lasts all day and is easy to remove. There are 12 colours that can be colour matched and the technique will be taught in your consultation.

Specialist services:
medical / expert witness / opinion / personal injury / accident

People who have been affected by accidents that have resulted in physical scarring or disfigurement may find it difficult to come to terms with physical and emotional changes within their lives.  The use of skin camouflage can assist in building confidence and a sense of normality following the trauma of an accident.

We provide specialised help with Medico legal reports and assessments, including expert opinion or colour match advice following a referral from your solicitor.

If you are claiming for a personal injury or accident which has left you with a scar or blemish, your solicitor can add the cost of camouflage consultation, reports and subsequent products prices to your claim.

The report will vary dependent on the option your solicitor requests. If skin camouflage products are to be used regularly and indefinitely a full report will detail the products, cost of the required products and future purchase considerations, which can be included in the personal injury claim report issued by the solicitor.

For further information please contact us or ask your solicitor if this service could be considered in your claim.

How can skin camouflage help with long-term skin problems?

Read article below about Skin Camouflage from The Journal of Community Nursing – August 2016 Edition

What to expect from the consultation

Your appointment will last approximately an hour. It will include taking a short history from you, then we will work together at finding a colour match that you are happy with.

You will be taught how to self-apply while we find a suitable colour match. Removal techniques will also be discussed.

This is an informal process where any questions you have will be answered.

Read article below about Skin Camouflage from The Journal of Community Nursing – August 2016 Edition

Before coming to your appointment

Skin needs to be as natural tone to the desired colour match. Please do not apply fake tan. If sun tanned already, It can only match to the tan and therefore colour matching will be incorrect when the tan fades. Please consider this prior to booking your appointment.

If the face is to be colour matched, please be aware that make up will need to be removed.

Please bring make up and/or make up remover to the consultation.

All appointments, including follow up or colour/seasonal reviews will be charged as separate consultations.

Medico legal reporting

Two types of reports are available and involve an hours consultation to cover the following:
*  Taking history notes
*  Assessment of the skin injury and tone changes
*  Colour matching the area/s
*  Full advice on applying, removing and caring for the camouflage products
*  Provision on quantum report on suitable products, treatment and future consultations
*  On-going skin camouflage needs and advice.


Type One:
Report details the history summary determining the use of skin camouflage and the benefits the client would recieve.

Type Two: 

Report prepared for purposes of court procedings provides more detail in terms of costs that would be incurred if camouflage was used on a regular basis.
Reports will be completed within 14 days of consultation, providing all documentation is recieved. Minimal waiting list. Skin camouflage quantum – for immediate needs and the longer term.

Payment should be made in full within 30 days of consultation. 

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